‘Create, Define, Communicate’

‘To clarify cloudy thoughts’

So what can I practically offer you, your company or organisation? See below for suggestions.


A two hour workshop that introduces the principles behind ‘create, define, communicate’. Snappy, fun, enlightening, and perfect for planting the seeds of storytelling for your specific needs. Suitable for larger groups and can be given in person or on line. For more information, download the information sheet.


A 5 session series that allows the principles behind ‘create, define, communicate’ to be played with and to be used in a practical example from the work of your company, project, or organisation. Generally best for a smaller group or even a one-on-one context. For more information, download the information sheet.


This is where you decide how you want my advice & thoughts. Would you like us to meet and discuss narrative strategy once a month, or perhaps design a plan for your company that will be implemented organically. Or even an evening of cocktail making & storytelling? For a free consultation, just get in touch via the contact page.

Every project we work on needs formatting. Whether our own self development, the business of our dreams, or our activist project that will change the world. What do I mean by formatting? The idea is undoubtedly magic, and there are amazing ways of marketing the final product, but what happens in between can often be more difficult. Working with me involves us ‘creating, defining, and communicating’ the narrative of that work. Breaking it down to its simplest components, distilling its essence and allowing it to shine for the audience. All of this through Storytelling methods, experimented with over years of trial and error.

“Thank you Ronni. Hosting a session online to an onsite group can be challenging, you rocked it”

Nina van de Burgt – Business Consultant, SuccessDay NL