A Brief History

From the North of England to the deserts of the Arava valley, the wilderness of Colorado, and the flat fields of Skåne, Sweden. Writing about the science of wine terroir, breaking stones high in the Appalachian mountains, and shaking cocktails behind a hotel bar. Sweating in a restaurant kitchen, collecting oryx manure for ecological research, and singing songs around fires in conflict resolution communities. I have been privileged to spend time with many fascinating people in amazing landscapes. This maelstrom of nature and humanity is the foundation of everything I believe in, and am trying to achieve.

After a degree in Ecosystem Analysis from Lund University, and having the opportunity to learn from, and work with Arjen Barel, as well as others associated with Storytelling Centre Amsterdam, my eyes were opened up to the possibilities of stories in communication. I saw myself, and in extension the world we live in, as struggling for true understanding. I truly believe in Storytelling as a way to break that impasse.

Since then, the use of applied storytelling has been at the forefront of what I have done, whether giving communication workshops to young Roma activists at the European Union, training teachers in Palestine, or working with care team managers in Ireland.

At the present moment, I am a digital nomad after spending the last few years in the countryside, most recently in a hut on stilts, deep in a Scottish bog. I run my own business helping personal, business, and activist clients with “creating, defining, and communicating” their narrative. My other projects include; co-authoring “The World is Storytelling” a book on using Storytelling for social impact and personal growth, with the amazing Arjen Barel & Stu Packer, and drinking 1000 cups of coffee with 1000 different people. I am continually on the search for experiences, that will help me better understand ourselves, and the wonderful world we live in.

For references, a CV copy, or any other information, just get in touch via the contact page!

“When Ronni tells a story, I listen. Whether he is telling it orally or he has put it down in text, you hear his smile. The feeling is wonderful. The wisdom is as if from one thrice his age”

Stu Packer, Actor, Storyteller and Coach