The Land of Stories

‘For our imagination to roam free’

Stories are amazing, they are a route into a different world, which some call the land of stories. This is a land of imagination, one of freedom, and one of meaning. As humans, we have used stories as a way of sharing messages for millennia. These stories have been passed down over hot drinks, around the fire, and in endless varieties of conversations. The power of the story is simple – using a story, can allow a message, or a lesson, to be shared, in a contextual and subtle way.

So what can I offer you regarding storytelling experiences?

  • Storytelling workshops for groups. Are you looking for a team activity that weaves good times with connection. Something different, an experience like no other.
  • Personalised workshops to become a storytelling pro. Have you ever wondered about becoming that fabulous storytelling machine, sitting around the fire and having everyone hang onto your every word?

To find out more, get in touch with me via the contact form.

“The weekly sessions were always exciting,  enlightening and – most of all – lots of fun. Ronni has a great ability to engage with the people who take part”

Hans Widmann, Instructor – St. John of God Liffey Services