The mainstay of our entire existence on earth is the natural world. By tapping into nature, we can ground ourselves and connect to what and who we really are. I want to spread the joy, challenges and opportunity that exists within nature.


Once we are grounded within ourselves, we can start to reach out to the world, with tips, tricks, ideas and true vulnerability. I will work together with you, in order to make that happen for you and those you work with.


At the end of the day, everything is story. The story of ourselves, the story of your business and the story of society. Understanding narrative is how we get to truth. Let’s dig inwards while reaching outwards.

Natural Stories

‘For a sustainably discussed future’

The natural world is amazing, but it is also in chaos, in crisis, and in deep trouble. The issues we are facing as a global population are obscenely complex and the way out is rutted. To re-imagine the systems we have, is a very tough ask, and the only way we can do it, is through careful, calm, science and compassion based mediation, diplomacy and justice.
With my history of communication coaching, permaculture, land work, conservation, Ecosystem Analysis degree and involvement in Climate Justice causes, I am uniquely placed to work within these grey areas and murky situations, where patience, listening, storytelling, and diplomatic behaviour is the most necessary. 

So what can I practically offer?

  • Environmental Communication Management. From research project management and consultation, to science communication strategy, I am here to help you plan how to get your message out.
  • Environmental Diplomacy and Mediation. Story is the key here. From activist groups to broader societal issues, story can help you and those you represent, reach compromises and make progress in the topics that we so sorely need to make progress in.

To find out more, get in touch with me via the contact form.

“Ronni is a great communicator. His story telling is compelling and his personality is magnetic”

Talia Chain, CEO – Sadeh Farm