PebbleQ – Communication & Story Coaching

‘For an effect that ripples’

PebbleQ began when I was sat on a rock by the sea, thinking about ripples. I remember being 6 years old, and my teacher at school said something that fascinated me. He said, “if you drop a stone in the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere in Scotland, the ripples won’t stop until they reach New York”. Now, I don’t know if this is scientifically correct, but the message behind it is. When we drop, skim or skip stones into the water, their effect can go far and wide, it is almost impossible to know how far. Alternatively, it can drop straight to the bottom. Similarly with our stories, our message – this is the pebble, the stone.

If we define, refine, and clarify our message, our story to ourselves, we can send them off into the wide world and let their message spread far and wide, like ripples in the ocean. This is my challenge to you, how far do you want your message to travel, what effects do you want it to make, that is the question.

Together, this is PebbleQ, the project that is envisioned as a challenge, a road that we can journey down together. You and I, to see where we can direct the communication, the messages, and the stories you want to share. For a stone to bounce the maximum number of times and to travel the furthest distance, everything about the send off must be perfect. The posture of the thrower, the angle of incidence and the power behind the throw, it’s the exact same thing with communication, and that’s where I come in.

Whatever your idea, project, goal, business, social or personal objective is, I can help you strengthen your roots and broaden your reach. Free consultation via the contact page.

“He excels in working with stories, as he truly understands what storytelling is about, and what the power of working with stories is, in personal growth and social transformation”

Arjen Barel, Director – Storytelling Centre Amsterdam