1 Minute with Ronni

‘For the connection in networking’

New project incoming! As a big fan of number based projects, I’m looking to spend 1 minute with a hundred different people. Although my 1000 Coffees with Ronni project has no ulterior motive, this one does and it’s quite simple.

Over the past ten years I have built up a diverse toolkit of skills and experiences, mostly in the Sustainability and Communications fields, and I am now looking at how best to progress my career in these sectors. I’m looking to be introduced to interesting people, so I can have a minute of their time to pick their brains.

My goal is to spend 1 minute with one hundred individuals. People who are well connected, business savvy, or knowledgeable in any which way, in order to either:

– Gain an understanding of what I could be doing to develop my career.
– Build up a network of experts who I can lend my skills to in the future.
– Ultimately assist me in my search to find inspiring, gainful employment.

Do you know anyone who would be open to give me a minute of their time? If so, please do introduce us!